Sunday 4th October – Home by train from Newcastle

Sunday 4th October – Home by train from Newcastle

This morning I catch my train home at 09:25hrs from Newcastle to Kings Cross & then across to Liverpool Street by underground  for my train home.

I boarded my train ok & got settled in my pre-booked single seat in 1st class, my bike stored securely in the guards van.Scotland Oct 2015 063

Soon after getting settled my carriage was invaded by a group of 8 male & female rugby supporters, naturally they had booked seats & naturally their seats were directly behind mine. They were in an excitable mood obviously never having previously travelled on a train before, let alone 1st class. No sooner had they taken their seats they produced 4 bottles of bubbly, by the time we reached Durham they had drunk 3 bottles & more was produced.  I learned they were heading for London to watch the Ireland v Italy game today. The venue for the match? The Queen Elizabeth stadium at Stratford, the kick off time is 16:45hrs. My journey from Kings Cross to Liverpool Street will be by underground with my bike so that could make for an interesting journey mixing with a load of rugby supporters.

As it happened the journey across London by underground was stress free with no obvious sign of the expected rugby fans & I was home indoors by 15:00hrs.

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