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I live in Essex, I'm married & retired, this year (2015) I qualify for a senior persons railcard, senior persons B&Q card & maybe even free prescriptions! In 2013 my health took a bit of a 'nosedive' & as a result I didn't cycle for a long time, however I had the best ever treatment by the NHS for the problems I had & by 2014 once my health was monitored regularly & under control & I gradually got back into cycling. It was probably of benefit as due to my medical condition I was forced to surrender my driving licence after which I came to rely on getting around by bike, bus & train. In summer 2014 I did a short gentle cycle ride in Somerset for 4 days to make sure I was confident at being back on the road again & since then I've re-started my cycle journeys. My health issues came about totally unexpected but when everything was under control I realised they were a bit of a wake up call - this sounds corny - but I looked at life now in a different perspective & realised that its time to get on & do all those things I want to instead of dreaming about them. I enjoy solo long distance cycling & over the last 25 or so years I've done many in England, Scotland & one in the Republic of Ireland. I enjoy my own company & visiting sparsely populated or remote areas appeals to me. Cycling on my own gives me the freedom to go at my own pace, stop when I want & go where I want. I'm not exactly super fit, I ride daily & take other forms of exercise at a gymnasium & walk a lot, I'm happy with my level fitness for my lifestyle. Getting to the start point of journeys usually involves a train ride, that's all part of the trip & sadly I like traveling on trains. I always take my bike with me on the train, much to the annoyance of other train passengers, commuters & rails staff but for me it just adds up to another challenge for the trip!
Wednesday 15th August – Edmundbyers to Haltwhistle

Wednesday 15th August – Edmundbyers to Haltwhistle

Edmundbyers to Haltwhistle Haltwhistle is a small town & civil parish in Northumberland situated close to Hadrians Wall, with a population of around 3,800 it’s one of two settlements in Britain which claim to be the exact geographic centre of the island, the other claimant is Dunsop Bridge in Lancashire 71 miles to the south. The development of Haltwhistle was based on it’s position on the main Newcastle to Carlisle road & has been in existence since Roman times, it expanded in…

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