At the finish – Tuesday 11th October – the end of STAGE 8

At the finish – Tuesday 11th October – the end of STAGE 8

Another superb ride through Scotland when I was once again blessed with good weather, no wet weather gear used this time! The route along the ‘top of Scotland’s coast line was beautiful with the usual stunning scenery, there were a few short stiff climbs as expected but nothing too serious, I’ve previously ridden part of the route so knew what to expect. The area around Durness was I said in my post a bit like ‘frontier land’ where everyone just seems to get along & get things done without question. I was disappointed not to get over to Cape Wrath itself as I had originally intended to do on this trip, I’ll have to put that on the back burner for now. The brief section down the west coast had its fast & long sections & the roads through here were a bit busier because they are the only roads through here.

The section between Scourie & Altnahara was about the only section I had concerns about due to the remoteness of the old quarry road, it was however a particularly eerie section with hauntingly beautiful views made all the more eerie by the distant sounds of stags ‘barking on the hills. I was actually relieved to get through it & make it to the B&B at Altnahara only just before darkness.

All in all I couldn’t really say which was my favourite section on this trip, every day brought great scenery & the weather obviously helped. If I’ve got one everlasting memory of this trip it was the mist on the high ground riding through it then coming out into bright sunshine the other side to some fantastic views was the best.

So now I’ll start to plan for my next trip – Scotland again around April 2017 when I’ll hopefully head for the Outer Hebrides on the west coast of Scotland. I cant wait.





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